Nearby: Castle Hill

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This past Sunday I had the lovely pleasure to drive with a friend north to Ispwich to attend a 1920s themed party at Castle Hill on Crane Estate. When I visited Crane Beach several months ago, when warm weather was just beginning to arrive for the year, I saw the great mansion from a distance and hoped to return in the summer to witness its architectural splendor. This weekend I had that opportunity, made even more profound by a party which celebrated the traditions and style of its glory years. The gorgeous, rolling lawn was filled with picnickers dressed as flappers and their accompanying gentlemen, sipping sweet white wine as they listened to the band play light tunes that the brave and courageous danced to. 
Countless vendors set up their temporary shops while others played badminton and bocce as  casually as if they did so each day. The weather was as perfect as the estate itself and for the first time in a week the temperatures were low enough to enjoy the summer sun without broiling. The evening could not have been more enchanting. 


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