Brattle Square Florist

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brattle Square Florist is precisely where it's name suggests: Brattle Square in Cambridge. From the outside, it's rather unassuming and I myself have walked past it on several occasions without a thought to venture inside. Last weekend, however, I spent the morning jaunting to and fro about Harvard Square and thus was extra close by.  
I was also desperate for tulips. Somehow their presence helps me believe spring is near. So I entered the narrow trove of flowers, delighted with the sweet scents filling the air and the dazzling selection of blossoming creatures. A step inside a place like Brattle Square Florist is like a good dose of medicine. It's ever so relieving to be surrounded by cheerful flowers and that's exactly how I felt in Brattle Square. So after lingering for a good fifteen minutes, I left with my bouquet of red and yellow tulips under my arm, feeling slightly more optimistic than when I arrived. 


  1. A good dose of medicine indeed.

  2. Lovely post. Thank you for describing our shop and your experience. the next time you are in the Square, be sure to drop by and introduce yourself.
    - Randy
    PS Great photos too!

  3. Suggestion for one of you photo forays: the Boston Flower Exchange on Albany street. This is where all of the flower and plant wholesalers sell their wares. I think you could go to town with your camera there. You are more than welcome to join me on a buying expedition but it means getting up early.
    Randy (Brattle Square Florist).


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