Nearby: Macaron Sweeterie

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On the way home from my Concord outing, I stopped in Lexington for the sole purpose of visiting this place: Macaron Sweeterie. Over the past two years, I have developed an unhealthy, overly indulgent attachment to these delightful french pastries.  I shamelessly make weekly purchases of these little nuggets of joy at the Thinking Cup cafe downtown, my go to cafe during the week. But I wanted to come here, a place that is distinctly devoted to the macaron. And of course, they didn't disappoint. I picked a medley of them-from lemon (my favorite) to salted caramel to honey lavender to a mint chocolate. All were delicious. Eating macarons is an expensive habit-one alone can cost around 3 dollars, depending on where you purchase them. But they are just oh so good! And I'm afraid I don't have the patience to perfect their creation at home-my mother and I tried in earnest last year to make them-after two rounds, we grew a bit tired of the effort. Luckily, I am not the only one in this area with a macaron obsession. But for my wallet's sake, I should probably give them another shot in the kitchen. 


  1. Yum...but I think you SHOULD give them another try!


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