Bloc 11 Cafe

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The clouds threatened rain when I set out for Bloc 11 this morning. I went for their chai and the kind baristas who serve it, along with the plants that fill the cafe's interior and the ivy that decorates the walls outside. Owned by the same people who run Diesel Cafe in Davis Square, one can expect the same delicious pastries and drinks-though I must say, I greatly prefer this Union Square spot, with its exposed brick and peaceful patio.  Removed from the bustle of Davis and yet planted in the burgeoning Union Square, there's a greater sense of calm at Bloc 11 but one senses that won't always be the case. More and more people will find their way to Union Square, and once the expansion of the T has started and finished (who ever knows when that will happen??), I imagine it will be a struggle to find a seat at Bloc 11. It's a wonderful space with a comfortable vibe and even though I live something of a distance from it now, that won't stop me from visiting-even when the clouds threaten rain. 


  1. I recall a lovely Sunday morning with a stunning girl...sitting at just one of these tables...


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