A Lady Escapes: Ladurée

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Now that this week's horrible events have (hopefully) come to an end, I can share something cheerful and light and inconsequential-my little visit to Ladurée in New York last weekend. I went to NYC to see the city's first signs of spring along with a couple of dear friends who are happily ripening into New Yorkers themselves. My slightly fanatic fondness for macarons led me to Ladurée on Madison Ave and a good friend willingly obliged. Everything was truly perfect about this shop-it's calm and inviting pastel color scheme; the ribbons that decorated their packages and the boxes that held their products; and of course-those delectable, adorable macarons waiting for your first taste. We bought a set of six, costing a little over $20. Included in our expensive collection were two varieties of chocolate, a vanilla, a salted caramel, a raspberry as well as a lemon, that just happened to be my favorite. We devoured them slowly and thoughtfully while we awaited the arrival of another friend. They were fantastic and honestly, just a step above the rest.
I've kept the box as a momento-it will look perfect on my future vanity (a vanity which I dream longingly of but make no plans of actually purchasing). It's such a joyful thing to return to these pleasant trivialities after a week of too much seriousness, too much anxiety and too much fear. 


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